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About Us / About Us

‘Amici’ means ‘friends’, and Amici Coffee believes that having a coffee and relaxing isn’t something you have to do on your own; a good coffee, with friends, is a great way to socialise and connect with people. In today’s market, people expect to be served a good quality coffee, made quickly but without sacrificing quality.

Amici Coffee was born in 2016, starting life as a mobile café, serving a mainline train station. From there, we were offered a contract at a major mainline station. This was due to us gaining an excellent reputation for delivering quality and value for money, our unique operating model and our speedy customer interaction time, which is vital in the commuter market. Here, we again proved ourselves and further enhanced our reputation.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay through the nose for a good quality hot drink, or quality food so by linking in with reliable, local companies that can deliver us the quality we desire, we are able to pass that on to our customers.

Our unique system enables us to cater in the event market with high quality products, prepared and served quickly without any sacrifice to quality. We are always open to enquiries for us to cater at events. We have teamed up with a local BBQ team, whose credentials include World Champion in Chilli, double British Champion in BBQ and who compete every year in the world championships. This partnership enables us to cater for any event size, offering a range of quality, home produced foods.

We take great pride in our approach to our customer experience and are always looking for new ways to enhance this. We constantly review the latest technology and products in order to deliver a first class customer experience. You’re greeted with a warm welcome and a smiley face and your selected coffee is made with care and attention.

We source all our ingredients and produce from local companies, who share the same ethos and environmental passion as us. This enables us to reduce our carbon footprint and also improve quality. Our bacon is Suffolk dry cured and our sausages are also sourced direct from Suffolk. Our catering suppliers are a local company where they have, wherever possible, utilised a local supply chain.

Our excellent and hard earned reputation led to us being approached to provide a solution on the A1, to cater for the commuter and people on the go, but now away from the fast paced train station. With the knowledge gained and process we had developed to cater for train stations, we were able to apply the same principles to the car and vehicle commuter. We have now designed and secured planning to build our first, fully functional café, complete with drive-thru, to take the next step in the growth of the business. Sandy has enabled us to create a fully costed model, which is cost-effective, efficient and flexible. We are able to roll out the same model, as we look to expand and build the company brand going forward.