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The Best Breakfast in Sandy!

If you’re looking for a top notch breakfast in Sandy then look no further than us here at Amici Coffee Cafe & Grill, Sandy. We cater for all types of breakfast options with some extremely popular choices which we’ll go through in a moment. If you’re wondering where we are located, we are just off the A1 at Sandy. Here’s our official address; Girtford Bridge, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 1NA. If you’re planning on visiting us, that’s fantastic – you don’t need to book, just come on down. If you aren’t planning on visiting us just yet, that’s okay because by the end of this article, we bet you will be!

What Breakfast Options Do You Have? 

When it comes to breakfast, we know what we’re doing. We’ve got a stunning Full English Breakfast that consists of all the crowd pleasers including bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, black pudding, hashbrown, baked beans and more too. We don’t do a Full English Breakfast by halves, we’ll tell you that for free. Don’t just take our word for it either. We’ve got over 100 Google Reviews, many of which really compliment our Full English Breakfast in Sandy.

Another popular breakfast option at our Cafe & Grill is pancakes. Understandably, pancakes are amazing and they can be had in many different ways. We have everything from your standard lemon and sugar, to chocolate and berries together, to bacon and maple syrup. 

It doesn’t stop there either because we’ve got even more choices available. If you like eggs we’ve got ‘Eggs Your Way’ which is eggs done any way you like on toast. We’ve got Eggs Benedict and Omelettes too. And finally, we’ve got cold breakfast options too including granola and cereal if you didn’t want to go ‘all in’ on a more filling Sandy breakfast. 

Do You Do Vegan Breakfast? 

We certainly do of course, as well as vegetarian options. We have a vegan alternative to the ‘Full English’ as well as a mushroom on toast plate. If it’s more of a brunch timing then we have vegan loaded fries too. It’s the vast choice that makes us the best breakfast in Sandy. We’re proud to cater for all needs, requirements, lifestyles and preferences. 

Why Is Amici The Best Breakfast in Sandy?

We’re the best breakfast in Sandy for a whole host of reasons but let us run you through a couple of them. All of our ingredients are locally and ethically sourced because we care about where our food comes from. This also means we know exactly what goes into our dishes and you do too. The same goes for our amazing coffee. What’s more, is that all food is cooked fresh on site so you’ll never have to second guess whether you’re eating heated up rubbish. 

Another reason for us being the best for breakfast in Sandy is our location. We’re just off the A1 and can be easily spotted from the road with plenty of parking available too. We even have a Drive Thru in case you want to pick something up and swing straight through. 

Finally, but not the last reason is the taste. For the stunning tasting food we provide, it’s extremely good value too. From your heartwarming, belly filling specials to a coffee and granola on-the-go, for your busy day ahead, we’ve got you covered. We take great care in how our food tastes, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

See You Soon?

So, we hope after reading this, you’ll think about giving us a visit because we’d love to have you here at Amici Coffee Cafe and Grill, Sandy. Remember, you don’t need to book to come and see us, simply turn up and grab a table where you can. There’s lots of parking and a Drive Thru if you’d rather just pop by.

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